Guided Tours

Guided tours

The Biennale de Lyon invites visitors to discover the 14th Biennale de Lyon Floating worlds as they wish, venue by venue, according to their sensibility, what tempts them, and how much time they have.

The guiding team, comprising about 20 guides and artists, offers various trails through the exhibitions, at macLYON and La Sucrière.
The team fosters dialogue with visitors around a selection of powerful artworks that deepen their exhibition experience

For families

Family Tour: Explore and discover the exhibition as a family (for children aged 6 and over).

Sugar Pit Family Workshop: After a family tour of La Sucrière, parents and children experiment, together, around an art activity during a themed workshop (for families: 1 adult + 1 child aged 6-10)


For individuals

pARTage Tour: In a 90 minutes tour, take your time to discover and explore an artworks’ selection in the heart of the exhibition.

Aperitif Tour: After visiting the exhibition, continue the conversation, over a drink, on late-opening nights at La Sucrière (29 Sept., 13 Oct., 17 Nov. and 15 Dec.)

Backstage Tour: Go behind the scene and lift the lid on the secrets of artwork installation and the exhibition, at La Sucrière and macLYON.

Blind & Visually Impaired Tour: A tailored trail with a touch-based approach and an oral description of the artworks, at macLYON and La Sucrière

French & Sign Language Tour: A bilingual tour in French plus French sign language at macLYON and La Sucrière.

Themed Tour: Consider the exhibition from a thematic perspective.

Duo Tour: Based around a dialogue, between a Biennale guide and a guest from the world of films, literature, sociology, philosophy…

One Hour Tour: The essence of the exhibition in 60minutes, at macLYON.

Confluence Tour: A combined tour of La Sucrière and the Confluence district.


For groups of adults and children (associations, works’ councils, groups of friends, leisure centres, social centres, etc.)

pARTage Tour (1 or 2 venues): A guided tour of La Sucrière and/or macLYON (90 minutes per venue)

Fun Tour: A game-based tour for younger kids and teens who have plenty of composure!

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