Cildo Meireles


Born in 1948 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), where he lives and works

Cildo Meireles’s installations and objects are often an expression of resistance to forms of injustice and oppression peculiar to Brazil. While some of his 1970s sculptures come across as instruments designed to provoke a playful, social or poetic interaction, his more recent environments are immersive and invite the public to involve themselves physically in a symbolic political narrative. With Babel, which the artist describes as a "tower of incomprehension," sounds blend into an only just audible cacophony. Murmuring voices and music gradually make themselves heard. Small lights glow in the dim light, revealing a stack of radios of different sizes. A sensory experience which acts as a poetic representation of the world, and which traces, through the radio as object, a map of space so huge that it becomes infinite.


With backing from the embassy of Brazil

Paris2 Azul



©Wilton Montenegro ©Cildo Meireles 


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