Schools & youth tours

Guided tours

For children aged 3 and over, and teens


Fantasy Tale Tour: Young children discover the exhibition while being told a fantasy story! For ages 3-5, daily during school holidays, at La Sucrière.


Birthday tour: For children aged 5-12 who want to invite their friends to discover contemporary art. An afternoon session in two stages: a guided tour, followed by a private celebration to blow out the candles!


Sugar Pit Workshop: A tour and a workshop in an area for fun, instructive experiments around visual arts (for ages 6-10).


Workshop: A two-day immersion during which participants move around between exhibition and workshop, experimenting with and discovering contemporary art together (for ages 12-15).


Art holiday: During the autumn-half term and Christmas holidays, youngsters aged 3-15 have the place of honour, and can enjoy an activity every day!


Tours and workshops (both short and immersive) offer a variety of perspectives on the exhibition.


For schools


To introduce a better approach to contemporary art, the public department is providing tour trails tailored to each age and education level, from the last year of nursery school to groups of higher-education students. Each tour, designed around a dialogue-based format, enables a real interaction between pupils/students and guide.

Group tours operate from 9.30am, Tuesday to Friday both at La Sucrière and macLYON.


Specific actions are offered: workshops, in-class activities, conversation forum…


For primary schools: PetitArt (a non-profit organisation) runs a discovery exhibition with a learning kit and a creative workshop to complement the guided tours of the Biennale exhibition.
Fun, educational experiences to experiment with and share in class.


For schools in the multi-metro area: For the second edition running, the Pôle Métropolitain multi-metropolitan area (covering Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Vienne, etc.), in conjunction with the Biennale de Lyon, is promoting access to the exhibitions by covering the cost of transport for classes of primary-level pupils who wish to visit the Biennale.
Primary schools can answer a call for projects run by the Pôle Métropolitain and the Biennale.


For lower-secondary pupils in and around Lyon: Under a partnership with the Métropole de Lyon metro area (an extended Greater Lyon), lower-secondary schools can visit the exhibitions and take part in projects to support their learning and raise awareness around contemporary art.


For upper-secondary pupils and apprentices in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes: Since 2007, more than 350 projects have been run under the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Regional Council’s arts and culture support programme, offering a real insight into the latest developments in contemporary art, as provided by the Biennale de Lyon. To mark the 10th anniversary of the partnership, the projects are now extending to include the Auvergne, since its 2016 merger with the former Rhône-Alpes region. Each school, in the new region, can devise an original project to raise awareness and deepen knowledge of contemporary art, through a learning pathway tailored to each class, and funded by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Regional Council.

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