About us

La Biennale de Lyon is a non-profit body that devises, produces and stages two major international events in alternate years: the Dance Biennale and the Biennale of Contemporary Art. It manages the events’ support functions, promotion and development, and spreads their values.

Its main missions are:

- Supporting the creation and dissemination of new work : every year, La Biennale de Lyon dedicates a substantial share of its budget to producing new pieces of choreographic and visual art. It also strives to disseminate them, especially in the field of dance.

Educating audiences in the arts : the Biennales cater for the widest possible audience spectrum, from newcomers to the most knowledgeable enthusiasts.

Promoting France, and especially Lyon and its region, on the international scene : the Biennale attracts many foreign professionals and generates heavy media coverage. The event also helps enhance the economic attractiveness of its host region.

- Fostering vibrant local communities : by mobilising numerous towns in Greater Lyon and the Rhône-Alpes region through creative, participatory and complementary events, the Biennale helps strengthen the social fabric and instil a sense of togetherness.

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