Floating worlds

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Floating worlds

Emma Lavigne, guest curator

Emma Lavigne wanted to moor the Biennale in central Lyon, a city whose identity has been shaped partly by the ubiquity of water. The Biennale will unfurl like a voyage around an archipelago of islands, which by turns are theatre stages or stopovers conducive to slowing down; and which by turns will generate wonder, realisation, contemplation or reflection.

Edition 2017

The Biennale by Thierry Raspail

Since the inception of the Biennale of Contemporary Art, artistic director Thierry Raspail has invited his guest curators to reflect upon a key word. Since 2015, they have explored Modern.

Floating worlds

Le dôme - place Antonin Poncet

Buckminster-Fuller's iconic geodesic Radome, will meet with clinamen v2(...)

Jeune création internationale

Rendez-vous / Biennale de Lyon 2017

Discover the first artists invited to Rendez-vous, an exhibition devoted to young talent from France and beyond. 



Among the 150 selected venues across the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, discover the 15 Focus events in the Résonance platform line-up.


Eau de Rose by Thierry Boutonnier

At the invitation of the Lyon Biennale and Veduta, six municipalities in the Lyon metro area are hosting the Eau de Rose project. An artwork to plant, cultivate, harvest and share! 

Associated exhibitions

Lee Ufan at the Couvent de la Tourette

For nine years now, the Dominican friars at La Tourette Priory have been staging exhibitions of contemporary art. This year, they have invited Korean artist Lee Ufan to inter-relate his sculptures and the priory’s architecture, designed by Le Corbusier. 

Associated exhibitions

Lee Mingwei at the Bullukian Foundation

The Bullukian Foundation is showing the oeuvre of Lee Mingwei, who works with residents, venues and institutions worldwide to create installations based on exchanging intimate experiences. 


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